5 Examples of Gorgeous Bathrooms

Ugly bathrooms are an easy way to deter guests from returning to your home. If you’re looking for fresh concepts for gorgeous bathrooms, take a look at these great ideas.

Gorgeous Bathrooms

gorgeous bathrooms denverAn open concept shower enlarges a bathroom seamlessly and effortlessly creating the perfect getaway. While open concept showers are very aesthetically pleasing, they are also practicable; ditch those hard to clean shower doors and see clearly why doorless showers are all the talk.  We especially love this open concept shower and how a sky light is added to bring natural light into the space.




Gorgeous bathrooms Denver Be playful with color schemes and take risks; sometimes a drabby bathroom just needs to be revamped with some new vibrant colors. When picking out a paint color for your new space, look at your countertops and incorporate some of the same colors. Guest bathrooms are great spaces to step out of your comfort zone and have your inner interior designer come out to play! Not only does this space catch your eye with its electric blue vibe- the custom vanity completes this playful bathroom and will give your guests something to talk about.






Gorgeous bathrooms Denver

Although we love incorporating vibrant colors into our work, neutrals make a crisp and clean bathroom. When working with neutral colors, it’s important to add some darker, contrasting pieces into the space. A contrasting vanity and countertop prove to be the perfect complement to one another. Pump up the color with bright tiles in the shower, such as a pale teal or opaque turquoise.








Gorgeous bathrooms DenverSuspending your sink is a beautiful way to make your space appear bigger. Floating vanities can be designed for your personal needs- add open shelves or drawers- whatever you desire.











Gorgeous bathrooms Denver

Built in vanities add great dimension and storage to your bathroom space. Ladies- an added vanity is a great spot to get ready for the day and unwind after a long one-admit it, sometimes we just need some extra space to pamper ourselves! Adding an extra built in away from your main vanity will make your master bathroom feel like a spa getaway, and who wouldn’t want that?